THERMOSAVE: For Businesses & Public Sector ~ CAN YOU AFFORD NOT TO? Reduces Carbon ~ Gov Support ~ Up To 85% Energy Cost Savings

THERMOSAVE: For  Businesses & Public Sector ~ CAN YOU AFFORD NOT TO?  Reduces Carbon ~  Gov Support ~ Up To 85% Energy Cost Savings




Heating of 2000l of domestic water for changing rooms + semi-olympic swimming pool.


1 ENERGIE Thermodynamic Solar System, model Solar Block 40 | 40 Thermodynamic Solar Panels | Heating of 12.000l of water/day.


4 ENERGIE Thermodynamic Solar System, model Eco 6000 | 160 Thermodynamic Solar Panels | Heating of 55.000l of water.


1 ENERGIE Thermodynamic Solar System, model Eco XL | 24 Thermodynamic Solar Panels | Heating of 4000l of water.


Founded in 1981, the wholly Portuguese owned company ENERGIE EST, Lda. is the exclusive holder of the patent and manufacturer of thermodynamic solar systems. Since that time it has asserted itself nationally and internationally as a reference in the manufacture of solar energy.

The reliability and efficiency demonstrated over the years have made ENERGIE into a sound company with a product of recognised quality and robustness.

Our system’s success – which can, in the main, be put down to its economy, efficiency and reliability compared with the other kinds of systems – has awoken the interest of an ever greater number of clients worldwide.

All production complies with the most demanding, strict criteria so as to ensure our clients the highest quality standards.

The Department of Research and Development keeps several lines of research active that enable the company to be ready for a swift integration in the industrial process of those scientific leaps that have been made.

The commitment to research has turned ENERGIE into a recognized reference in matters of technology and research into one of the strategic pillars of growth. In order to do so, the company enjoys the collaboration of the most prestigious Universities and national and international Research and Development Centres.

We currently operate on the most developed markets worldwide.

Commercial Systems

Buildings are vastly different in size, form and age; some are older, refurbished properties while others are purpose-built. Such features impact on energy use and more importantly on opportunities for energy savings. EndoTherm can be dosed into the bulk water of any commercial heating system at a dose of just 1%.

Application Areas

EndoTherm works in any wet central heating system, regardless of size delivering real energy savings.

Home / Commercial Systems / EndoTherm for Schools

The team behind EndoTherm have joined forces with the international award programme Eco-Schools and signed up as an Energy Partner to help schools become more energy efficient, saving money and the environment.

Eco-Schools is a global initiative engaging millions of children across 64 different countries, making it the largest schools programme in the world. For more than 20 years Eco-Schools has been empowering children to drive change and improve their environmental awareness through the same simple seven-step process that has been used successfully across the world.

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The Problem

Heating is the largest utility cost in the majority of schools. On average a school spends £44 per pupil on heating in a single calendar year which accounts for around 60% of its total utility outlay. As the largest utility cost, it is also has the biggest potential to be reduced and to save school money whilst helping the UK achieve its ambitious carbon reduction targets.

Common practice to reduce heating bills is to turn down your thermostat but this is not practical in an education environment as schools have to adhere to the minimum classroom temperature requirements set by the Education Regulations for School Premises.


Percentage of a Schools Energy Budget Spent on Heating


Average School Spend Per Pupil Per Year (£)


Minimum Temp in Classrooms (°C)

The Solution

EndoTherm is an award winning central heating additive which is independently proven to reduce heating consumption by up to 15%. EndoTherm has recently won the 2016 CIBSE: Building Performance Awards, Energy Saving Product of the Year.

EndoTherm is installed into any water based heating system at a 1% concentration. With a quick easy install, zero maintenance and proven longevity, EndoTherm is an ideal solution to reduce the heating bills within your school.

EndoTherm is also 100% organic, this means the embodied carbon (carbon used to manufacture the chemical) is very low. A typical EndoTherm installation will offset this embodied carbon in just 1 day!

Immediately after the installation of EndoTherm the temperatures within the building increased. In the end, sufficient heat was coming from the overhead pipework that the radiators were all turned off.

School Caretaker

Gas consumption was reduced by 20% (compensated for degree days) comparing the time period immediately before and after installation.

Energy Manager, Local Council

Home / Commercial Systems / Energy Savings in Leisure

Energy consumption is typically a large part of the budget of any leisure facility, All centre managers will recognise the importance of keeping customers and staff comfortable but it is possible to minimise the cost of heating, regardless of which system is in place using EndoTherm. Many suggestions for energy savings in leisure (raising awareness and changing attitudes) may only provide short term gains unless incorporated into a long term strategy. EndoTherm can be installed into any wet based central heating system and once installed requires no maintenance or optimisation achieiving savings from the moment it is installed for as long as it remains in the system.  

‘In a typical sports centre, energy costs are second only to labour costs, accounting for as much as 30% of total running costs — a higher figure than in most other sectors.’ Energy Savings in Leisure – Just by making a 10% improvement in the management of energy use, UK leisure facilities could save up to £70m each year and reduce greenhouse gas (carbon) emissions by hundreds of thousands of tonnes.

Carbon Trust

Sports and Leisure Sector Overview


Leisure Centre – Case Study

100 Litres of EndoTherm was installed at a large sports & leisure centre between January & April 2013. The centre had a heating system of 2 x Ideal Viceroy GT boilers serving a capacity of 10,000 litres of water. Not all the gas consumed was used in the heating of the centre. 50,000kW of energy per month was used in an external circuit to heat the swimming pool and was subtracted from the total usage to identify gas used specifically in the heating of the building. The addition of EndoTherm to the centres heating system has saved an average of 17.9% over the 10 month test period.

EndoTherm is dosed at just 1% with a proven saving of 15% and a typical payback of less than 3 years. For a Free Survey or more information, 

If you are running a residential care home, the last thing you want to worry about is how much energy is being wasted on heat. 

Care homes are high users of energy for heat. this is required to maintain the comfort levels of its occupants. Therefore many care home managers are looking for new ways of saving energy within their buildings. EndoTherm is that answer!

EndoTherm can be installed in any wet based central heating system and improve the efficiency of the heating system within a care home environment by up to 15%. The product is easy to install at a single point and thus does not require the displacement of any of the occupants of the property.

There is an urgent need for residential care homes and nursing homes in the UK to ensure viability with sustainable development. At base, the country’s 20,349 UK care homes are faced with the prospect of energy bills doubling over the next 10 years.

This almost inevitable pressure on financial resources will increase the burden on the UK’s 14,750 residential care homes and 5,599 nursing homes that have seen energy bills rise by nearly 40% over the past three years.

Carbon Trust

Saving Energy In Local Authority Buildings - Care Homes


Care Home – Case Study

A Care Home in Greenock, Renfrewshire installed EndoTherm in an aid to reduce its rising heating bills. Like all care homes, it needed to be kept warm (26°C). and utilised over 160 radiators within the several parts of the building. A total of 10 Litres of EndoTherm was installed.

The recorded usage for the time period was compared with the same period from the previous year (compensated using degree days from a nearby weather station. The savings attributable to EndoTherm was calculated to be approximately 15%.

Energy Savings for Care Homes – EndoTherm is dosed at just 1% with a proven saving of 15% and a typical payback of less than 4 years. 

The UK healthcare sector spends more than £400 million per year on energy. Unfortunately a significant proportion of this is wasted which is wasting important public funds which could be used elsewhere.

Furthermore, Most Energy Managers will recognise that an effective heating systems will provide better conditions for patients and staff.

However, Patient welfare comes first, so turning down the thermostat is not always the best option. Other energy saving products and methods are the answer to this paradox.

EndoTherm™ has been installed in a number of NHS hospitals in the UK. The product can be installed into any wet based central heating system from small clinics to large hospital systems.

Maintain patient comfort whilst saving energy using EndoTherm™

‘Another success for the product EndoTherm™’

After achieving a 14% saving at a Sheltered Accomodation.

Energy Manager

NHS Foundation Trust

‘EndoTherm™ exceeded what we thought we would achieve’.

After achieving a 22% saving in the Trusts Rehabilitation Centre.

Estates Officer

Energy & Special Projects, NHS Foundation Trust


NHS – Community Health Services Clinic

The performance of EndoTherm™ was tested at a ‘Stay and Play’ Clinic which forms part of a local community hospital. The clinic is a single storey building with a 40KW combi-boiler and 17 radiators with a total system volume of 320L. 3 Litres of EndoTherm was installed in early November 2013.

The recorded usage for November and December 2013 were then compared with historic readings using degree day data. With reported savings of 18.5% in November and 11.3% in December, the total saving due to EndoTherm™ was 14.9%.

The gas usage of the centre, when compared with the historical figures in 2012 attributed a saving of 13.8%.


NHS – Specialist Centre for Rehabilitation Medicine

EndoTherm™ was trialled at a dedicated, stand-alone unit for Rehabilitation Medicine within the grounds of a major NHS hospital.

The centre had 16 single occupancy rooms powered by a 300kW boiler system (and 70 radiators) giving a total system volume of 1400L. EndoTherm™ was installed in late November 2013.

The gas usage of the centre, when compared with the historical figures in 2012 attributed a saving of 13.8%.

Case Studies

The case studies that follow are just a few headlines from our large portfolio of case studies across a broad spectrum of installations.

Home / Case Studies / Preston Council Harris Museum





13,248 kg

EndoTherm was trialed by Preston City Council at the Harris Museum.

Opened in 1893, the museum and art gallery is a grade I listed building located in Preston City Centre. It also houses the city’s public library.

The museum, which covers 4 floors with large ornate period radiators is heated by 4 x Potterton Avon 2 boilers, each with a max output of 200kW. 32L of EndoTherm was installed in January 2016.

A direct comparison of the usage from AMR (actual meter readings) was taken by the energy management team at Preston Council and compensated with data from Blackpool Airport (baseload 15.5°C).


Results (Energy Saving)

Time PeriodUsage (kWh)Degree Days (15.5°C)Usage (kWh) / Degree Days
01/02/2015 – 20/12/2015485,6721385.5351
01/02/2016 – 20/12/2016461,6551501307.6

Compensated Saving = 14.14%


Note: No periods of heating system down time were reported during the trial window.

Home / Case Studies / Durham University, Mountjoy Centre





5140 kg

Durham University trialled the performance of EndoTherm at the Mountjoy Centre.

The Centre, which hosts departmental offices, is a two storey office building split into three wings. The heating system is powered by two 200kW boilers and required 17 litres of EndoTherm, which was installed on the 1st May 2015.

The building is currently only heated during the week. Using the on-site, half hourly precise, data a direct comparison of usage between 1st May 2015 to 30th April 2016 and the same period a year before (1st May 2014 to 30th April 2015) was made, ensuring to eliminate weekend usage. Weekday heating degree day (HDD) data was obtained from the nearby North End weather station with a 15.5°C baseload.



Time PeriodUsage (kWh)Degree Days (15.5°C)Usage (kWh) / Degree Days
01/05/2014 – 30/04/2015305,9381585.6192.948
01/05/2015 – 30/04/2016297,6701674177.820

NOTE: A weekend shutdown was implemented mid-way through the comparison year, meaning that for a portion of the pre-install period the building was heated throughout the weekend. This usage was eliminated from the comparison. The benefit of having a warm building on Monday morning is an additional factor to consider during this trial.

Compensated Saving:


Total Cash Saving:


Total CO2 Saving:

5,140 kg

Home / Case Studies / Cushman and Wakefield – Dale House





4,000 kg

The performance of the EndoTherm energy saving additive was trialled at Dale House in Stockport.

Dale House is a 9 storey office building which is home to multiple businesses. The building is heated by three 115 Remeha boilers, each capable of outputting 111kW. Each floor has 16 double radiators, 144 in total, and has a total system volume of circa 3,000 litres.

Results (Energy Saving)

Time PeriodUsage (kWh)Degree Days (18.5°C)Usage (kWh) / Degree Days
2013/14 (4 months)507,239829.7611.35
2014/15 (4 months)489,485903.1542.01

Compensated Saving = 11.34%

Note: Predicted usage based on Usage/DD was used to estimate how much gas would have been used if EndoTherm was not installed. An energy saving of £1,302.57 has been calculated based on a 6.6p/kWh unit price which means EndoTherm is on course to paying itself back within 1 year. Based on this data the CO2 saving for Dale House was 4000kg (4 tonnes) over the 3 month trial period.

Home / Case Studies / Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust The Park Rehabilitation Centre





16,000 kg

The performance of EndoTherm was trialled by The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust at The Park Rehabilitation Centre.

The installation followed a similar successful trial at the Oakwood Centre earlier in the year to reinforce the performance of EndoTherm as a solution to the trusts rising energy costs.

The centre has a small pool (10x5m) which is maintained at a constant 35°C. There is also a small weight gym and sports hall which is available to hire by the general public. The centre’s heating system is powered by two 205kW boilers and 2 large air handling units to heat the larger sports halls.



Time PeriodAvg Usage / Degree Days (kWh)

The monthly average usage/degree days from November 2013 until June 2014 were compared with the same readings for 14 months after installation. Degree days were taken from a nearby weather centre at Robin Hood Airport in Doncaster.

Compensated Saving:


Total Cash Saving:


Total CO2 Saving:

16 tonnes

Home / Case Studies / Teviotdale Leisure Centre





84,700 kg

The performance of EndoTherm was trialled by Teviotdale Leisure Centre to measure the savings that could be achieved by heavy energy users.

Teviotdale has a large leisure pool containing approximately 540,000 litres of water and is maintained at a constant 30°C temperature, the air temperature is also maintained at 31°C. Both the air and the water in the pool are heated by the centre’s heating system. Historical data was provided to allow removal of the energy used to heat the pool and leave only the energy consumed for air heating.



The recorded usage for January – October 2013 was compared with January – October 2012 using degree day data from nearby Eskdalemuir weather station.

Time PeriodUsage (kWh)Degree Days (18.5°C)Usage (kWh) / Degree Days
Jan-Oct 20121,910,9573,253587.44
Jan-Oct 20131,474,1723,220457.81

Compensated Saving = 17.9%