Private Sector Housing Delivery 2020 & House Builder Future Responsibilities & Potential

Private Sector Housing Delivery 2020 & House Builder Future Responsibilities & Potential

In 2020 because of the impact of Covid 19 Lock Down the UK new homes built for sale figures shrank by 35% from 2019 which was an all time high, 

This still represents over 120,000 new homes built in the UK in 2020, if 50% of the developers who built those homes engaged in simple non SAP/EPC related solutions there is the potential for those homes to save over 58,000 tons of carbon every single year from the day they were built throughout their entire existence, that's like planting over 13 million new trees every year!

This can be done with zero impact on developer profits, zero occupier learning requirements, zero additional work force training, 

The Benefits: 

To the Homeowner, They will save as much as £150 per year in energy costs "EVERY YEAR" which is a great way to say thank you and an excellent over and above EPC rating benefits sales tool. 

In terms of parity all National & Regional House Builders offer just about the same EPC ratings in respect of all new homes delivered.

The potential further inclusion of additional SAP rated elements with an investment threshold per unit that will not significantly impact on profitability is already maximised by most House Builders.

 We agree with the very real argument that ts is not financially to stretch the EPC rating financial envelope by attempting to include additional SAP rated elements with no real additional benefits to the buyer, house builder and most importantly nor the environment.

We believe this particularly relevant and  poignant at a time when beyond the end of the Stamp Duty holiday on 31st March 2021 there is no real certainty surrounding future market performance.

However we all know that its crucial that we still remain focused to play our part positively in terms of addressing UK Carbon Emissions from this point going forwards in helping achieve UK Government 2030 Carbon Reduction Targets which are essential elements in the fight to help stabalise the well being of our national environment and the future health of our communities.

So we ask House Builders this basic question:

If you could easily and simply better the offering to your home buyers, increase your organisations and the homes you build environmental credentials to the value in actual carbon reduction terms of planting 228 new trees per home, per year from the date occupancy with absolutely no impact on profitability.

Simultaneously create a stronger environmental profile as an organisation by reducing your organisations over all carbon footprint in the process then why would you not want do that? 

Additionally if House Builders, Developers and Construction Companies were to adopt the same solutions into their own operational portfolios there is the potential reduce their energy costs by an average additional 15% and further reduce organisational carbon footprint, this would require minimal investment and with an ROI of less than 12 months, often 6 months. 

Additional benefits include 

* Significant additional PR potential,

* Additional sales tools with real value in the uncertain times ahead..   

As for the UK Environment and its current and future population the benefits are positively crucial to our future generations and environmental conditions.

How is this all achievable?  email us and we will show you how,

As an organisation ask for no fee or engagement terms... this is an essential advocacy program with a positive focus of benefits for all.