The UK Automotive Sector ( The Franchised Dealership Element)

The UK Automotive Sector ( The Franchised Dealership Element)

In 2019 whilst engaged in a professional discussion with a business associate and industry colleague who is a Corporate Director and Jaguar Land Rover he asked me a very valid question,  

"How Can the UK Automotive Sector be expected to make any additional significant contribution to carbon reduction in the UK over and above what we are already doing without incurring significant additional cost at a time of such great future uncertainty within the entire sector?"

So having considered and thought deeply about his very valid question aside from making the best possible recommendations in terms of optimised savings of carbon and energy for min investment with shortest  possible ROI ... and it always came back to the same answer,

The secret lies within the dealerships, and so we developed a strategy that will enable all the franchised dealerships to unlock their true potential in reducing carbon outputs in UK, making a real difference in helping the country meet its 2030 carbon targets, provide an opportunity for dealerships to say a real thank you to all their customers, help build additional dealership customer benefits and loyalty that lasts and provide the potential to save the equivalent of planting 223 new trees every year from the day the customer picks up their car ... and with zero financial impact on sales profitability... this is all in place and we are already in discussions with some dealership groups to enable them roll this out during 2021,  additional potential operational benefits for dealerships include potential 15% energy savings on heating costs  for minimal investment and an ROI that would be about 6 to 12 months and of course further significant carbon savings  which government is going to insist every organisation seriously addresses in 2021 and beyond.... so by 2022 you can be ahead of the game in every sense and with impact on profit in any way but with lots of benefits already and compliance in place,

To find out how to benefit and make a real difference to the UKs environment in terms of carbon reduction forever contact me

Andrew Bean MCGI MSc AAT Dip 

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There are no fees for our collaboration in helping bring this initiative on line,  this is an advocacy program, 

We will not position our selves  between you and the solution provider to increase supply sot.. the solution its self is totally proven and already in action in over 150,000 buildings.. totally organic... an award winning UK invented and manufactured process...