The UK Automotive Sector (The Manufacturing Element)

The UK Automotive Sector (The Manufacturing Element)

The UK Automotive Sector is one of the cornerstones of the UK economy which already takes carbon reduction incredibly seriously in its approach to all operational and manufacturing approaches and beyond into its research and development programs constantly endeavoring to make automotive travel an environmental positive in the way we all live our daily lives now an in the future.

With so many complex and often costly programs and initiatives already  in play within the sector we wanted to keep our requests modest, 

Simplistic yet incredibly effective on multiple levels with the opportunity for very significant levels of carbon reduction and operational energy savings for modest investment with an ROI of within 12 months as a norm often less, and although already benefiting over 150,000 commercial buildings across sector including Banking with National HSBC Portfolio and noa Lloyds Banking Group having adopted this solution , Pretty much the entire major retail grocery sector both in distribution and retail outlet buildings portfolio including Tesco, Asda and Sainsburys as just two examples but as yet the automotive sector remains conspicuously unaware and uninformed of the potential multiple benefits available at every level from manufacturing and supply through to retail dealership level with the opportunity poised to help make the entire sector financially leaner and more carbon positive in its approach than ever in a totally simplistic way.

As well as asking the automotive manufacturing and supply sector to consider the opportunities within its own internal operational framework and the potential benefits this could yield we also ask for the automotive manufacturers to support the essence of our approach to franchised dealerships in demonstrating how they can play a key influential roll in the enlistment of customers in the battle against global warming by means of carbon reduction.... and we can do this together with no cost or fee payable for our part to dealership groups in this process " We Charge You Nothing"  and with the ability to enable dealership groups adopt this program with an absolutely zero impact on profitability and with the ability to reduce carbon to the equivalent of 223 New Trees planted every year in carbon reductions for every vehicle sold.

How is this all achievable?  email us and we will show you how,

As an organisation ask for no fee or engagement terms... this is an essential advocacy program with a positive focus of benefits for all.