UK Homes Renewable Energy Sector

UK Homes Renewable Energy Sector

The independent review was carried out by Dr Peter Bonfield, OBE, (previously referred to as the ‘Bonfield Review’), who was asked by the Government to examine and make recommendations on how consumers can be properly protected and advised when they install energy efficiency and renewable energy measures in their homes. 

By adopting the solution we advocate within every installation you carry out where ever applicable regardless of product or methodology and with zero impact on profit you will not only go a long way in helping achieve the new standard set out within the Bonfield Review by increasing the quality and tangible values of every applicable sale and installation you carry out by enhancing your own product offering by providing an additional 15% in customer energy savings but also by reducing carbon emissions by the equivalent of planting 223 new trees every single year for every home installation you carry out... the and this in its self will make a massive contribution towards helping the UK meet its 2030 Carbon targets and with many of you about to significantly benefit from the  £10,000 per home contribution of Green Homes Grant Voucher Scheme we believe its the very least you can do to say thank you to government for this immense commercial opportunity this scheme presents to your  business and give significant value and benefits to the home owners who will entrust you with their voucher to deliver the best possible value for the significant financial benefits your organistion will receive... please contact me Andrew Bean MCGI MSc Dip by email and we shall gladly demonstrate how to incorporate this elemental solution with no financial impact on your organisations profitability.. 

If you are not already aware of it you should definitely take a real interest in the Every Home Counts review findings which will have a very real and positive impact on your industry by implementing the following,

We are behind this 100%

The introduction of a new “Quality Mark”

The review proposes to establish a quality mark for all energy efficiency and renewable energy measures, and for all companies operating in this sector. Those who wish to use the quality mark will need to adhere to three key elements which, together with the quality mark, make up the new framework:

  • A Consumer Charter which ensures that all consumers receive excellent levels of customer service, a clear redress process and guarantee protection;
  • A Code of Conduct which sets out how companies behave, operate and report, the requirements of which must be met or exceeded for the company to operate; and
  • Codes of Practice which are relevant to the installation of each measure under consideration so that the risk of poor quality installation is minimised.

This will enable the consumer, who seeks to have retrofit work done to their property, to know instantly what to look for to receive high-quality installations or advice. 

In the words of Liz Male MBE, chairman of TrustMark and a member of the review’s Implementation Board, is excited by the opportunities:

“The publication of this report is just one milestone on the journey, and there is much more work going on already. But this review does present the most important opportunity I’ve seen in the last 10 years to bring the key Government departments, industry bodies and consumer protection schemes like TrustMark together, with a more coordinated approach to raising standards in this vital area of home improvement.

“We know what exists now is simply not good enough. The extent of poor practices and sub-standard work is unacceptable, and the families affected will need a great deal of support over the coming months and years to rectify the damage that has been done.

I look forward to hearing from you so that we can help you achieve this standard my means of positive action with no loss  to profitability..

The outcome of this review is 5 yrs old now, but the industry still has a long way to go....


Andrew Bean MCGI MSc Dip

How is this all achievable?  email us and we will show you how,

As an organisation ask for no fee or engagement terms... this is an essential advocacy program with a positive focus of benefits for all.